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Manchester United fans angry, protest in Thailand.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Barclays Premier League (EPL) has brought tears of joy to soccer fans, millions of dollars to sponsors, but also anger from unhappy fans. Soccer is an emotional sport whereby fans cry and mourn when their teams lose a match. For example, in the year of 2005 alone, more than 64 fans committed suicide because their team actually lost to Liverpool.

For those who are not sure what soccer is all about, soccer is a sport concerning 22 players on the field trying to prove that they have balls. There are 2 players called the "goalkeeper" on the field that can use every part of the body to handle the ball, although players usually do not use their penises. A soccer ball is usually round and can roll on the floor.

Many people are engrossed in certain teams. These people are called "fans". Some are peaceful and only shout vulgarities to other people but some can get rowdy and kill people. This aspect of fans has caused chaos throughout the world.

Enter...Manchester United (abbreviated as ManU, Manu, or shit.)

Manchester United, after losing the first position to Chelsea, caused their fans to be very angry. They felt that their club has failed them because they lost their life money in bets. And angry they were. With red t-shirts, they march across the streets of Thailand, destroying everything in their paths, although they said that it will be a "peaceful one".

Here are some pictures related to the protests:-

Man U fans destroying the manager's car.

Man U fans having a sit in in front of the player's apartments.

Man U fans group photo.

Thailand has been reduced from "The land of Smiles" to "The land of Frowns". Their Prime Minister, who is a Liverpool fan gave this speech to the Thais who participated in the protests:

"It is a regretful experience to wake up in the morning to have to see you all still sitting in front of my house. Why are you doing this to me? Liverpool did much worse in the League than Manchester United. I am here for you, you should be here for me. You will never walk alone."

And the protests got worse.

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